Mobile Gate Security at Roskilde Festival

All 100,000 festivalgoers at Roskilde Festival should feel safe and secure. This is why our dedicated employees worked hard to set up mobile security solutions around the festival area.

The festival’s organisers decided to prioritise security in light of recent terrorist attacks when large vehicles were driven into pedestrians. We are proud that we were chosen to help them in this endeavour.

For the second year in a row, Mobile Gate Security helped to make the busy Roskilde Festival safe and secure, using our mobile gates and boom barriers. Our products helped to make the music festival a safe and secure venue for everyone, while providing easy entry and exit for people and lorries. The dialogue between Mobile Gate Security and Roskilde Festival was excellent and smooth, and ensured that the music festival’s organisers are pleased and satisfied with our solutions for the second year in a row.

Mobile Gate Security has also supplied security solutions to other events, including the Sailing World Cup, the Ice Hockey World Championships and Security of City Hall Square.

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