Mobile Gate Security helps with vulnerability assessments and hazard advice, especially in relation to small and major events...
Mobile Gate Security has supplied mobile boom barriers, fencing and complete security solutions for a large number of events, including the Sailing World Cup, Roskilde Festival and the Ice Hockey World Championships.
During the extension of Copenhagen Airport, Mobile Gate Security supplied a mobile gate, which provided security and access control for the busy construction site.
50 m fence in 1 sqm, assembled and dismantled in few minutes.
The mobile fire extinguisher stand is suitable for most areas where there is a risk of fire, e.g. at camping areas, construction sites, festivals and other outdoor events.
Event-Defender is designed to stop a 7,5t truck at 55 km/h, making Event-Defender one of the most effective mobile security solutions on the market.
Our mobile surveillance system is ideal for temporary surveillance of an area such as construction sites, harbors, festivals, concerts and more.
The barrier is made precisely to suit your wishes with regard to look, logo and shape. It can be a very inexpensive solution, since it is ideal with sponsorship collaborations.
A smart barrier system that is easy to transport. Once at the site, the barrier is filled with water, increasing its weight from 100 kg to 1000 kg in just 30 minutes.
The ‘building blocks’ Ballistic Blocks make it quick and easy to build a mobile shelter.
Portable Barrier means setting up or moving a barrier is quick and easy. It can be set up in just 15 minutes.
Use our mobile roadblocks when you need a temporary roadblock for the stopping and checking of vehicles on a road.
By using Obstruct bollards at both ends of the road, Mobile Gate Security ensured safety when the Garden Party in Kronprinsensgade in Copenhagen was held.
Our mobile high-security fencing is extremely reliable, strong and above all, secure. It is also extremely flexible, which means it can be adapted to suit your needs.
Mobile Gate Security supplied a boom barrier that ensured a secure entrance and exit for tradesmen and suppliers during the expansion of Rockwool in Hedehusene.
Temporary vehicle security barriers specifically designed to provide protection for people, buildings and infrastructure from vehicle as a weapon attacks.

Rental - rent security securely

Why rent?

When circumstance dictate that you require a temporary security solution and do not want to own the solution permanently, then rental from Mobile Gate Security makes perfect sense. For example, you may need an anti-terror solution or you are subject to certification, such as PASS 28000, PASS 55, International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) or similar, and the security of your company is thus commercially critical.

Mobile Gate Security carries out all of the assembly and installation tasks for the solutions, and when you no longer require them, we of course remove them again. This means that you do not have to spend money and resources or utilise space to store the equipment during those periods when you do not require the equipment.



Mobile Gate Security has worked closely with leading experts in event security for many years. For example, in 2018 we supplied mobile security for the Ice Hockey World Championships at the Royal Arena, the Sailing World Cup in Aarhus, Roskilde Festival and to a large number of smaller events. When you hold an event, contingency planning, traffic planning and action cards must be prepared. You will also need to look at crowd management, hold meetings with the local authorities, etc.

The preparation must be comprehensive and may seem overwhelming. Let Mobile Gate Security in collaboration with leading experts, help and guide you through all of the elements and ensure that your event is secure and safe.


You can rent everything

Quality is not compromised. You can rent all of our security solutions – from fencing, video surveillance, boom barriers and bollards, to our mobile security solutions and mobile gates. To rent a security solution is a popular choice among our customers, who include contractors, security services providers, municipalities and companies operating in the food, pharmaceutical and transport industry.

If a security solution has become damaged we will visit the site at short notice and ensure that its integrity is restored with the same high level of security as with any permanent solution, so that your company’s operations can continue as normal. A mobile security solution is also popular where there is a need for flexible cordoning off options. For example, the Port of Aarhus uses such a solution:

“The advantage with a mobile gate is that when we decide we want to cordon off an area, it’s a relatively easy thing to do. There’s no need to lay optical fibre cables or something else that’s extensive. We don’t need to dig down or excavate the soil, etc. It’s relatively simple. Both setting up the gate for the first time and when moving it the next time.” Harbour Master Søren Tikjøb.


Do you need urgent help? You can rent from us at short notice

You cannot foresee everything. This is why you can rent a security solution from Mobile Gate Security, and we will install it at very short notice. If you need security NOW - then we will provide acute assistance. In such situations, we will come to the site and install your chosen security solution, so that it is operating within at least 12 hours from the moment we received your call.

If the need is not as urgent, we provide basic assistance, where your security solution will be supplied and operating within three working days. However if you require a major security solution, you should expect it to take longer to supply. Contact us by telephone and let us discuss your requirements.